Let me introduce myself...

  • There are only a few websites providing an -effective- method for learning guitar.
  • Non of them are free!
  • Non of them are available in Dutch! (and English)




I'm Menno (like super'man-no'). I'm 30 years old. When I was 8 I started with playing guitar. Four years of classical guitar. Eventually I wanted to play songs played on the radio as well. So I went to the School of Pop. There I learned how to play electric guitar. I'm teaching for 8 years now. Giving support to about 100 students throughout this 8 years of teaching.

Lessons are available in the genres of classical guitar, the style of pop, blues (blues-rock), rock and solo guitar.

Teaching guitar is incredible I think! One of the things I really like to do!

I think people with less income maybe even more deserve it to participate in society by sometimes making a small price adjustment. Therefore I also introduced this guitar pagage with a online 'do it yourself' method of learning guitar to reduce the need of support lessons.

Starting with classical guitar, I'm following the protocol of the EGTA; the teacher association of the NL's for tutors of classical guitar. The different subjects found in the suggested protocol are covered in the actual lessons online. On the other hand I would like to introduce different genres. As a consequence, after just finishing a minimum of classical guitar basics, I will continue with the basics of blues, rock and solo guitar.